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Debt Lawsuit
Debt Lawsuit

Free Case Evaluation:

Take Control
If you have been sued on a debt in credit card lawsuit or collection lawsuit, this page is for you. By submitting our easy Free Case Evaluation form above, you are taking the first step toward taking control of a bad situation.

Your case information will be sent to a consumer attorney in your area who will evaluate it and get back to you. A consumer attorney is a lawyer who does credit card lawsuit defense, debt lawsuit defense, and sometimes represents people in bankruptcy. Once the lawyer in your area has contacted you, both of you can discuss your various options based on your personal and unique situation.

For example, a lawyer might recommend fighting your lawsuit if they think they can get it dismissed. Other times, the lawyer might recommend a bankruptcy if your debt collector has all their evidence and if you have a lot of other debt in addition to this one debt lawsuit. You will get the best advice from a professional consumer attorney when you submit the form above.

Stress Relief
There is a huge amount of psychological and emotional relief once you have put your debt lawsuit or debt problem into the hands of a qualified attorney. Why? You no longer have to worry about the problem all by yourself. You have professional representation, and a battle plan on how to legally and safely work through the problem.

Your first step towards getting the calming relief you deserve is to submit the Free Case Evaluation form above. The attorney will review your situation and give you advice on what to do. There is no commitment and there is no cost to you to get your free evaluation. After hearing what the attorney has to say about your case, you can inquire about retaining them if you want to.

Protect Your Paycheck (And Your Credit)
The worst thing you can do is ignore your collection lawsuit and let the debt collector get a judgment against you. Why?

It is not just about credit. You need to protect your paycheck. Some states allow a judgment creditor to garnish money out of your paycheck until the judgment is paid in full (keep in mind that the judgment you let them get against you will be for way more than what was originally owed). Other states protect your wages, but allow the creditor to garnish money from your bank account once those wages are deposited into the bank.

There are other laws that allow a creditor to take other assets of yours, including non-homestead protected real estate. You credit is another major consideration. The judgment will go on your credit. This can have a major negative impact on your financial life.

Get Your Free Case Evaluation - Your Future May Depend On It
Your Life's Future may be drastically different depending on whether you ignore the debt lawsuit you have in your hand, or if you get some professional advice and face the problem armed with a plan. We hope you choose to take advantage of your Free Case Evaluation above and step into the future with confidence.