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Debt Lawsuit
Debt Lawsuit

Have You Received a Debt Lawsuit?

Do Not Panic.

You are Not Alone
Stay calm and do not panic. You are not alone. People get sued by credit cards, banks, and collection agencies on a daily basis. However you must take action and respond to your lawsuit, or else the creditor will try to get a Default Judgment against you. That puts you at risk of having money garnished out of your bank accounts and a lien placed on your home. So Do Not Ignore Your Debt Lawsuit. We recommend you get a Free Case Evaluation from a lawyer in your area who can discuss your options with you:

Defend the Lawsuit
One of your options is to respond to the lawsuit. A good credit card defense lawyer can help you with this. Sometimes the lawsuit can be dismissed for various reasons such as lack of evidence or improper procedure. Other times the debt can be drastically reduced in settlement negotiations.

File a Bankruptcy
Another option is to file for Bankruptcy Relief. This is a comprehensive solution to your debt problems and is good if you have a lot of debt in addition to your lawsuit. A successful Bankruptcy may stop your lawsuit and clear away most or all of your other debts. It will also force creditors to leave you alone and to come off your credit report (Giving you a Fresh Start).

Free Case Evaluation
We welcome you to fill out our Free Case Evaluation form. It will send your case information to an attorney in your area who will evaluate your situation and respond to you with their best advice. It costs you nothing, and will point you in the right direction.