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Debt Lawsuit
Debt Lawsuit

Who are the common

debt collectors that

are suing people?

Common Lawsuit Debt Collectors
Below is a list of Collection Attorneys, Debt Buyers, Credit Cards, and other types of Debt Collectors that regularly file collection lawsuits and credit card lawsuits against people on consumer debts. There are many more collectors than what you see on the list, but these are some of the most common. They sue thousands and thousands of Americans every year, hoping that those people will not get a lawyer. If you don't get a lawyer to represent you, these companies will win the lawsuit automatically, and the judge will award them WAY MORE than you really should owe. If you are being sued, be one of the smart ones! Get a Free Case Evaluation from a lawyer in your area who can discuss your options with you. It is Free, and may provide you with much needed relief:

List of Common Collection Lawsuit Creditors:
Note: When you see their name on a lawsuit, it may be a different variation of what you see below. For example, if you are being sued by Citibank, the lawsuit might say "Citibank South Dakota N.A."

Advanced Credit Recovery, Inc.

Accelerated Recovery Services, Inc.

Account Management Services

AFNI Anderson Financial Network, Inc.

Allen L. Adkins & Assoc., PC

American Express

Arrow Financial Services

Ascent Card Services, LLC

Asset Acceptance Corp.

Bank of America, N.A.

Bass and Associates

Bay Area Credit Services


Capital Credit Services, Inc.

Capital Financial

Capital One Bank

Capital Recovery Services Group

Cavalry Portfolio Services, LLC

Chase Bank N.A.

Citibank N.A.

Discover Bank

Dodeka, LLC

Equable Ascent Financial, LLC

FIA Card Services

Green Tree

Hudson & Keyse, LLC

Linebarger, Goggan, Blair & Sampson, LLP

LVNV Funding, LLC

Mann-Bracken, LLC

Michael J. Scott PC

Midland Credit Management, Inc.

MRS Associates, Inc.

National Acceptance

NCO Financial Systems

New Horizon Credit, Inc.

Palisades Collections, LLC

Pharia, LLC

Portfolio Management, LLC.

Portfolio Recovery Associates, LLC

Regent & Associates, P.C.

Reliant Capital Solutions

Reliant Recovery Services, Inc.

Resurgence Financial, LLC

Resurgent Capital Services/Sherman

Riddle & Associates

RJM Acquisitions, LLC

Unifund Group Corp.

Wells Fargo, N.A.

West Asset Management Inc.

Wolpoff & Abramson

Zenith Acquisition Corp.

Zwicker & Associates, P.C.

Get a Free Case Evaluation Today
If you are being sued by one of the above debt collectors, or by any other debt collector, we highly recommend you get a Free Case Evaluation from a qualified attorney in your area. Free of charge, the attorney will tell you what your options are, your chances of beating the lawsuit, and what they think you should do. You deserve some relief. Don't lay down and let the debt collector win. Click Here to get your 100% Free Case Evaluation.