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Finding a Good Credit Card Lawsuit Defense Lawyer
If you have been sued in a credit card lawsuit or other form of debt collection lawsuit, it is extremely important that you contact a credit lawsuit defense attorney. Why? Because if you ignore the credit lawsuit or try to fight it yourself, you can end up with a legal judgment against you. What does that mean? It means a court of law is now giving the debt collector permission to take certain assets of yours in order to pay the judgment. Depending on your state, this means your paycheck, your bank account, your vehicles, and maybe even your house. Keep in mind that this judgment will be for WAY more money than you originally owed, because you did not have a credit defense lawyer properly fighting the lawsuit.

The Creditor Would LOVE for You to Ignore Your Lawsuit
The debt collector that sued you wants you to ignore your debt lawsuit. In fact they LOVE it when you ignore the lawsuit. Why? Because then they get to win automatically without having to prove anything, and they also get to put whatever amount they want in the judgment (this is called a "Default Judgment"). For example, if you originally charged $2,500 on your credit card, the debt collector may get a judgment against you for $7,500 or more, and then you will be forced to pay $7,500. A good credit card lawsuit defense lawyer may have been able to get the lawsuit dismissed at the beginning with you owing nothing, or at the least settled it for much, much less. In fact, your credit card lawsuit defense lawyer may even be able to sue the debt collector (called a counterclaim) if the debt collector violated any laws as they tried to collect from you.

Scenario 1 - Don't Contact an Attorney
Let's see what will happen if you decide not to contact an attorney about your credit card lawsuit or debt lawsuit.

First, you are served the debt lawsuit and you have a certain number of days to "answer." You are probably at this point right now. Let's pretend you get mad and throw your lawsuit into the garbage. In a few weeks, you will get a letter from the court that says a 'Default Judgement" has been taken against you because you failed to answer the lawsuit. The Default judgement will be grossly higher than the amount you originally owed, but it is too late to argue about that now. Let's say you also throw this "Default Judgment" into the garbage because it is legal "mumbo jumbo."

Depending on your state, your next paycheck from your employer will have a large deduction on it. Your boss is being forced by a court order to take money from your paycheck and give it to the debt collector. That will continue until the total amount of the large judgment is paid. OR, depending on your state, you might go to your bank and find all your money is gone! Where did it go? Your bank was forced by a court order to empty ALL accounts with your name on them and give the money to the debt collector. Even if your name is on your sick child's bank account, and that money was hers to pay for life-sustaining medical care, the money will be taken. They don't care. The judgment will also show up in the County Records and will become a lien on your home. In some states, the court can force your home to be sold to pay the judgment! And probably the least of your worries, but still a consideration, the judgment will go on your credit reports and ruin your credit rating.

Now, imagine how much better your wrecked life would be if you had just contacted an debt lawsuit defense attorney for a Free Case Evaluation.

Scenario 2 - Be Smart and Get a Free Case Evaluation from a Debt Lawsuit Defense Attorney
Let's see what happens if you confront this credit card lawsuit head on, and get some professional advice. You have been served the lawsuit, which is a terrible feeling. It feels similar to when you get pulled over by the police. But you gather yourself and decide that you CAN deal with this, just like you deal with other things in life.

You go to the internet and decide that getting some free advice from a qualified debt defense lawyer is a good idea. You submit some information about your case on our Free Case Evaluation contact form. Within a day or two, an attorney will contact you. This will be an attorney who practices in the area of consumer law, which means they defend people who are being sued by credit cards and debt collectors. They may also practice bankruptcy law. The lawyer will discuss your various options with you, and give your their best expert advice. At that point you can decide to hire that lawyer if you feel comfortable, or you can say "Thank You" and go find another attorney.

The lawyer you hire can answer your lawsuit before the deadline, thus preventing a default judgment against you. The lawyer will also look for technical reasons to have the lawsuit thrown out of court (lack of evidence, improper procedure, debt too old, etc.), and look for reasons to counter-sue the debt collector. The lawyer will fight the debt lawsuit to the best of their ability, and if necessary, settle the lawsuit on terms you can afford (payment plans, etc.) The outcome will be much, much better than if you did not have a lawyer representing you (see the example above).

As you can see, it is definitely and absolutely in your best interest to get a Free Case Evaluation from a professional debt lawsuit defense lawyer.

Free Case Evaluation
We welcome you to fill out our Free Case Evaluation form. It will send your case information to an attorney in your area who will evaluate your situation and respond to you with their best advice. It costs you nothing, and will point you in the right direction.